Our volunteers are an amazing part of what makes our organization so successful.  We are always looking for new community members to join our team.  Groups, sport teams, organizations and businesses can also get involved!

What is cocoa packs?

Cocoa Packs is a weekly program that provides weekend food assistance for students in need from the Hershey area. Volunteers assemble & deliver these packs.

Volunteers meet in our dedicated Cocoa Packs space accessible from the entrance door to the right of the loading dock at the Hershey Middle School (look for signs). After entering through the door, the COCOA Packs Command Center is Room B130 (the 2nd classroom on the right just past the weight room).

As a school wide policy, all volunteers are required to enter through the Middle School main office during school hours to check in for the distribution shifts. When not arriving within the hours school is in session, volunteers can enter directly through the Cocoa Packs entrance near the loading dock.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, email Erin Darr at

Cocoa Packs  is located in the Hershey Middle School. It  is accessible from door numbers 12 and 13 on the side of the Middle School that faces the Elementary School. There are signs posted on the outside of the building to assist you. Once inside the building, Cocoa Packs occupies the first two rooms on the right hand side of the hallway. Please note: volunteers are no longer required to check in at the Middle School office for set up and packing shifts during school hours. 

If you have signed up for either the Middle School or High School distributions shifts, you will need to check in at the main office of each respective school.  You will also need to have your clearances on file with the District in order to volunteer for these slots. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erin Darr at 717-525-2164 or


the community GETs INVOLVED!

Our volunteers are an amazing piece of what makes our organization so successful.  We are always looking for new community members to join our team.

Groups, sport teams, organizations and businesses can also get involved!

Here are some examples of how our community has rallied around our program and helped in the ways that they CAN!


  • Every Thursday students from the Vista School join our volunteers at Cocoa Packs to help organize, sort, and prepare packs for distribution

  • Trend Vending has supported Cocoa Packs through its food donations every single month since distribution started nearly 2 years ago

  • Hershey Elementary and Middle School PTO donated gifts for Toys for Tots which will be distributed December 7th to upwards of 300 children in Derry township

  • Over 10 Girl Scouts volunteered at the Cocoa Packs Command Center to help sort and prepare fresh produce for distribution

  • Students from Hershey High School helped assemble boxes for the Toys for Tots drive

  • Hershey Little League raised over $700 on local raffle during their Opening Weekend Ceremony

  • Hershey Softball League organized a league-wide food drive and brought their players in to assemble packs

  • Young sisters put together a neighborhood food drive and collected bags of food to donate to Cocoa Packs

  • Local Girl Scout Troop 10967 volunteered and assembled CP bags for delivery multiple times and organized a food drive.

  • Spring Creek Church of the Brethren Youth Group donated and assembled Cocoa Packs for delivery.

  • First Grader and Daisy Scout donated Girl Scout Cookies for Cocoa Packs.

  • Hershey Middle School PTO donated over $1000from their Luau School Dance.

  • Hershey Middle School boys, while having lunch, have volunteered regularly to unpack items into lockers during their short lunch period.

  • Students and Leaders of Jr. Fish Youth Group donated food and assembled packs for delivery.

  • Hershey Soccer Club U-10 boys team assembled bags for delivery.

  • Partners for Healthy Communities of Central PA Coalition & Master Gardener Diane Leonard, Mike Frentz and Jason Reifsnyder provided tomato plants and planting sessions for CP families.

  • Donations from the JSDC Law office team

  • Hershey Middle School Library – Food for Fines Program

  • Chocolate Avenue Grill – Donated 10 % of all food and drink eat-in and take out orders on a June 4th!

  • Chocolate Avenue Grill and Smoked Bar and Restaurant donated over $2100 of Chocktoberfest proceeds to CP


Fundraising: Interested in learning about fundraising opportunities or being a part of our fundraising team, please contact Megan Lawall at

Marketing: Contact Kristin Argento at, if you are interested in being a part of our marketing team!

Food and nutrition play such an important role in developing the body and minds of children. The COCOA packs provide a little extra for families and most importantly, children who might need a little more. When asked what their favorite part of a COCOA is, a Kindergartner, age 5, replied, “COCOA packs are great because it gives us food on the weekends.”
— Hershey ECC Kindergarten Teacher