Thank you iron hill brewery & RESTAURANT

At Iron Hill, community extends beyond our walls and into the neighborhoods and towns we serve. That is why we donate $1.50 of every Triple Chocolate Hill dessert sold: $0.75 to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and $0.75 to a local organization. As a result of these efforts, Iron Hill has raised over $225,000 for a number of different charitable organizations.  At Iron Hill Hershey, we proudly partnered with Cocoa Packs, a weekend food assistance program committed to enhancing the emotional and physical well-being of students, preschool through grade 12.
— Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Hershey, PA
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 thank you to the founding sponsors of cocoa packs!

2018 Cocoa Packs Sponsors

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Food and nutrition play such an important role in developing the body and minds of children. The COCOA packs provide a little extra for families and most importantly, children who might need a little more. When asked what their favorite part of a COCOA is, a Kindergartner, age 5, replied, “COCOA packs are great because it gives us food on the weekends.”
— Hershey ECC Kindergarten Teacher