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Thank you for your interest in Cocoa Packs.
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Cocoa Packs is committed to ensuring that all children in Derry Township and the surrounding area are food secure every day of the year. We provide weekly packs for the weekend filled with a balance of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Once active in our food assistance program you are eligible to participate in other extension programs we offer. The information we ask in this enrollment form is to keep you updated on services or any changes to location or distribution locations.

What we’ve realized, however, is that food is not the only barrier for children, it’s just one of them. As Cocoa Packs has grown, the weekly Packs have become the gateway to a number of wraparound services offered to each child enrolled, addressing their overall wellness.


"We would like to thank everyone at Cocoa Packs for the last year of service to our family. The kindness and love we received from this group was truly a blessing. My husband and I are doing much better financially now and we are ready to un-enroll ourselves from Cocoa Packs. It is time for us to open our spot to another family in need. I hope to volunteer soon to pass on the generosity that was given to us."

-Mother of Recipients

“Thank you for loving my children so well and giving them a place where they can come and feel cared about. It’s so much more to us than just the food.”

-Parent of a Recipient

"We have been recipients of Cocoa Packs since its beginning. We have been so very appreciative of the food and extra services that have been afforded to us from this amazing program. Your volunteers always go above and beyond to make my children and I feel comfortable and loved, without feeling judged for being in need. What a tremendous blessing that is, as our family need is nowhere near the fault of our children! My husband and i have been working hard to get to a point in our lives where we no longer require the assistance of charitable organizations to provide for our family. We are getting very close to that goal! While we may be a bit concerned about how the holidays will go this year, we feel confident in our decision to no longer collect from the Cocoa Packs organization. We are happy to give our spot to another family who is currently waiting for the opportunity to be serviced by your wonderful organization and volunteers. We want to thank you for your years of support, care, and acceptance. We feel truly blessed to be a part of a community that cares so deeply about its residents in need. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts."

-Mother of Recipient

I wanted to thank you for blessing me (and my four children) these past few weeks!  My sister, has picked up my cocoa packs the last couple Wednesdays, and delivered them to me - and it has been a wonderful help.  My kids and I are very grateful for all that you do!  Last week we even were given a gift card, which I was able to use to buy my son a new pair of sneakers (you know how fast kids grow)!  We consider you and your organization Angels Among Us.

-Parent of Recipients

Leading with love and care for the whole child.

All children actively enrolled in Cocoa Packs will be invited to participate in our extension services.

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Quarterly Events

On a quarterly basis, we engage with community partners to provide interactive stations to promote overall wellness, teach skills and engage children in positive ways to learn.

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Advocacy & Love

Helping children wherever they are in life by championing for them in a variety of arenas so they succeed in all areas of life.


Enhance Overall Learning

Committed to providing educational opportunities for children to experience something new that enhances their overall learning, we offer a learning space which includes a lending library, computers, desks/printers, creative coloring station & homework help.

clothing closet

Cocoa Packs Clothing Closet 

The Cocoa Packs Clothing Closet provides an interactive way for children to hand pick clothing that helps to boost their emotional wellness.


Cocoa Packs Presents

Cocoa Packs Presents spreads holiday joy by providing a unique shopping experience for the children we assist. It is made entirely possible by the collective teamwork of our generous community and local businesses.