A community initiative to fund the new Cocoa Packs' Warehouse 

What began as a dream is closer than ever to a reality. Over the past month, site preparation for the new Cocoa Packs building has officially begun and we are excited to share that on Friday, March 29th, the pre-fabricated warehouse section of our new building will be arriving to it’s new forever Cocoa Packs home and beginning the construction phase of this project.

Our weekly packs are the gateway to our services for children enrolled. The warehouse is the key to impacting even more lives.
As we countdown to this day, we are seeking the support of our community once again to help us close the gap in our total fundraising effort, with the hope that by the time construction is complete and our occupancy permit is granted this fall, we can begin to realize our ability to assist more children and sustain our operations without financial barriers.
To do this, we have officially launched the Believe in the Dream GoFundMe, a community crowdsourcing effort to raise the $500,000 for the official warehouse space.
We humbly invite you to consider being a donor in a way that is meaningful to you.
Your donation isn’t just about a building. It’s an investment in program sustainability so Cocoa Packs can continue to support, love, and care for Central PA children for years to come.