Cocoa Packs Food Rescue & Trader Joe’s

Exciting Food Rescue Partnership Announcement!

We are THRILLED to share that Cocoa Packs Food Rescue was selected to be the primary partner of Trader Joe’s Neighborhood Shares! Every Thursday-Sunday, twice a day, our CP Food Rescue volunteers pick up a van full of unsold, fresh product ranging from fresh fruit and produce to meat, frozen foods, pantry items, and even fresh flowers! The food is then received by our receiving team before going directly into the hands of the children we assist during our weekly distribution. In just two weeks, we’ve received and distributed over 8,000lbs of product from Trader Joe’s.
Our Cocoa Packs Food Rescue program, launched last year, has made a tremendous impact on our ability to help more children. We are so grateful for our food rescue partnerships and for the volunteers who help complete over 40 rescues a week!